October 21st, 2004

gaz angry

well then...

Playing phone tag with one of the companies that i applied to on monday.  The good thing is that it's tech support (which I like to do) for a company in Northampton (which means less driving).  The bad thing is that it's only for "half-time" work.  But right now I figure that any work would have to be better than no work and at least it would be a foot in the door.  I could always work another part-time job and keep looking for something full time. 

I'm wondering if I tell them that i'd prefer full-time or would like to work my way up to full-time.  I also wonder if I should let them know about my trip to CA around X-mas during the interview or should that wait until I get hired somewhere.

This whole thing is just too stressful!

edit at 3:20pm: I hadn't heard from the place, so I called back. I have an interview at 3:30pm on Monday! Hurray!
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BA just born with mommy


So, even though we need to find clergy, a florist, ceremony musicians, my shoes, and aerith needs to design his outfit, what have I been thinking about?  Centerpieces.  Especially after finding out we can have open flame as long as it's not a taper candle.

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