October 25th, 2004

boris and natasha

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i'm working through lunch b/c i have an interview at 3:30, but i'm taking two seconds to write this up.

Had a good weekend.  Spent friday night with the frenchman.  made him butterscotch brownies b/c he doesn't like chocolate.  they came out really well. 

Saturday I got to play Risk with my boys.  You know, I was doing really well, until they stopped attacking each other and ganged up on me.  I think the problem with three player Risk is that one person always ends up feeling like the other two are out to get you.  But I think that my stratagie is getting better.  Next time I'm NOT going to try to hold europe so soon into the game.  I should have focused on Africa and AsiaSouth America and then worked out from there.  Eventually the Frenchman wiped out all of lordaerith's forces in Europe and then as he was going to have 2 sets to turn in, I surrendered.  Overall it was a good game.  We each had times where we dominated the game.  And I think that i'm learning pretty well.

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill.  We finished all the eps of Six Feet Under that HBO has onDemand, we played some Diablo II, I did some studying for the MTELs (went over the 10 practice questions of the math part and got all but the calculus question right without even reviewing any concepts.  thus i am feeling much more confident about the whole thing), and Aerith started to do some serious research for his wedding outfit.

but most important, There are more kitty pictures online here.  yup, i finally got off my ass, and edited more pictures of the monsters :)  and i even made a Boris and Natasha icon.  :)
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send good vibes this way

went on the interview for the half time (20hrs per week) position today. I really want it! It'd be tech support for a website at this company that looks young and fun and really relaxed. as it's a new position they're not sure of the pay rate, but it's in my range. the hours look flexable and there's a good chance (although not a garentee) that it will become full time. I want it. Really badly.

So send good "I hope Athene gets the job" vibes this way!
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