November 4th, 2004

boris and natasha

and now for something completely the same...

more lists.

First of all, i'd like to say that it looks like all of the Cingular stuff is now totally sorted out. hurray! oh, and feel free to text message me if you need to get in touch with me. I think i can do about 250 messages a month or something like that. Also, thanks to kjpepper and this site i now have really cool ringtones and stuff on my phone!

To Do:

  • Fill out application for UMass bank
  • Send out resume for position at smith
  • Call schools in the area to find out how to be a sub for them
  • Go to placed to fill out applications for substitute teaching
  • go by umass bank to drop of application
  • study for MTELs
  • Trek! (all are welcome!)
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well then

it seems like these subsitute teacher applications are a bit more complicated than I thought they would be. I'll deal with figuring them all done and everything tomorrow.

In better news, I got a call from one temp agency about a possible job at UMass.

Also I finished downloading and organizing everything from here. Hurray! Yes, I organized it by episode order and then by order of song within the episode. reason number 582 why I should go to library school.

And I got tickets to see The Increadibles at Cinemark tomorrow at 7:45pm. you should come too!
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