November 11th, 2004

gaz angry

a little rant:

why is EVERYTHING happening next weekend????? it's unfair. now i'm terribly overbooked!

It was fine. This weekend was going to be Dark Dominions on Friday and Aerith and Wabres's game on saturday with plenty of time inbetween for me to study for the MTELs. Then next weekend was going to be studying and going to bed early on Friday, taking the MTELs all day on saturday, and then getting time with my mother (who's coming into town while i'm taking the mtels) on saturday night.

But no. That simple plan wasn't good enough for the universe, was it???? Now due to schedualing conflicts, Aerith and Wabres's game is NEXT saturday...ok, that's fine. I'll just play when i get back from the tests. not a huge problem. i may be a little out of it, but coffee is my friend. and i've always wanted my mom to see a D&D game, so that should be cool too. However, that saturday is ALSO aerith's niece's thrid birthday party. well, i'll be taking a test and he has to pick mom up from the i guess we can't go to that. but maybe we can visit on sunday. if not, we have to visit later that week. but again, not a HUGE deal. her mom understands. but, I just found out that Dark Dominions is going to be NEXT friday not this friday. Which means that I can't go to it at all. b/c i have to be in agawam at 7:45am the next morning to take 2 4-hour tests and so staying out until 1-2am the night before is so not a good idea. and i really like playing in that game. and it's not like i could just go until 9pm or something like that b/c the game doesn't really get started until 8-ish anyway.

well, back to studying/cleaning the house for me.
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