November 23rd, 2004

dark lili

quick update before work

I'm starting the Credit Union job on the 29th. I'm so excited about it!!!

The AAA job is going well. I've already started taking some calls. It's really easy, but there's no internet access there...bleh on them!

We're going to see if I can handle working both jobs at once. If I can, then it'd be a lot of money, which is good b/c of the wedding. If not, I'll try to drop my hours at AAA b/c i'm not giving up the Credit Union! There are lots of other pros and cons but i don't want to go into them.

The MTELs went well on saturday. I was brain dead by the end of them though. I know I did really well on the Litteracy and Communication (or whatever it's called). It was sooo easy. I'm pretty sure that I did well on the Middle School Math. There were some things that I totally overstudied, and some that I really understudied, but overall I was confident about it. I know I nailed the two open responce math questions.

After the MTELs, mommy was here. And so were other people b/c it was Aerith's and Wabres's D&D game. we had fun (even if we weren't exactly sure what was going on b/c it'd been a long time since we last played).

Cimmy is coming up tonight. Hurray for family being around on thanksgiving. boo for having to work both days around it.
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