December 9th, 2004


umm...i can't think of a subject

lordaerith and I went over to omnia_mutantur's place last night to have dinner with her and her Light. She made really yummy vegetarian lasagna. It was soooo good. I must get the recipe from her sometime. We brought over homemade butterscotch brownies...well, blondies really...well, no, they are a light brown. Anyway, dinner went really well and I think that we all had fun. Got to meet their cats. Squeaker is too cute. She just runs around full of crazy kitten energy. Also, we got to show them the hidden "Jayne sings The Hero of Canton on the last Firefly DVD. We definitely need to hang out with them more often.

Today I'm at work all day b/c I have training in the afternoon. to find something to do for the 15min until lunch.
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