December 20th, 2004

BA just born with mommy

what a monday

item 1: got to sleep rather late last night due to a. aerith and b. the frenchman.

item 2: everything was covered with snow this morning.

item 3: while being concerned that I would have time to clean off the car and get to work in the morning, I forgot to pack a lunch and bring a book with me. This sucked b/c I purposfully made extra pasta + meat in tomato sauce for dinner so i could have leftovers today! It also meant that I forgot to pack mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks...missing those is not good for the 'Thene.

item 4: was not focused during job. is a good thing that Monday is report running and cleaning up from the week before day.

item 5: got money for lunch. met up with safirerings and ionia_dreaming and ate with them.

item 6: temp job at UMass Death Services in the afternoons is boring. My super has gone for the day. Have already finished the work she gave me to do. Almost done with other project (mail merge), would be finished with it, but ran out of proper letterhead. Am now IMing w/people over aim express.

item 7: laundrey and game tonight.

item 8: 2 more days until in San Diego, CA for a week. can it be wed already?
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