January 8th, 2005

lilo and scrump

from Ithaca to Northampton

1) Go To Mapquest.com

2) Click on Directions

3) Enter your Current Address and the Address of your Childhood Home (or at least the town if you don't remember the exact address)

4) Put the time and distance in a post like this.

5) Don't forget to repost these directions. (Not the door to door ones)

Total Est. Time: 4 hours, 35 minutes Total Est. Distance: 256.37 miles
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and now...wedding stuff

Dragged safirerings to the Bridal Show at the Big E today. The drive down was just horrible with the snow and stuff, but we got there safely. It was different going to the bridal show this time as I knew what I needed and didn't need, so there were a lot of booths I could skip. Talked to some bridal places about shoes and a petticoat. I think I'm going to try Belchertown Bridal first and then if that doesn't work out, David's Bridal. Also talked to some invite places and some florists. And of course a bunch of makeup and skin care places, including this one place that had nailpolish pens. they were pretty cool.

Also wedding realated, aerith and i are going to be meeting with 3 different sets of clergy within the next week or so. should be interesting. and hopefully there will be good that comes out of that. :)

actually, i think the wedding stuff is coming along pretty well. a little behind my schedule, but not bad overall.
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