February 3rd, 2005


Wedding update

Vericon update is mostly written, but is at home. So now you get a wedding update. aren't you lucky???

Clergy has been selected. The job was pretty easy. We met with 3 different peoples. There was only one who really felt 100% right for us. So we asked her to be our officiant and she accepted. Hurray!!!

We have a florist. We're meeting with them on Feb 12 to talk about the flowers themselves. Exciting!!

lordaerith finally finished drawing his wedding costume. he did an amazing job. We got it to Starr and went fabric shopping with her for it. We found some pretty cool fabrics. The next step is getting all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen to get their measurements taken and to go fabric shopping with the sets of them. yes, dear wedding party, this means you! Also, i need to get a bridal petticoat and to find shoes. well, i'm going shopping with kiten on saturday, so maybe i'll find something then, or at least get an idea of what's out there.

Aerith and I met with invitation people on Tuesday. Damn invitations are expensive. Especially for what we want. But I'd rather have the invites that I want because I feel they really will set the mood of our renaissance wedding than some of the other things.

we still need to confirm ceremony musician, meet with the Warfield House people about menu options, find stuff for ceremony and reception centerpieces, and add more stuff to our registries. And there are a million other little things that will probably need to be done. But at least I feel like most of the big stuff is taken care of. And there's still over 4 months to go.