May 2nd, 2005

Coat of Arms

so busy

A lot is going on right now.

Got some important wedding stuff done in the past week and a bit, including going to a ren faire w/aerith's sisters and their kids to get them garb, ordering the centerpieces, aerith MAKING the centerpieces bases, going lingerie (pronounced Ling-er-ee) shopping with Mortis, and meeting with our officiant to go over the ceremony details.

1)Bridal Shower - May 29th, 1pm. my house. potluck & bbq.
2)Jack&Jill party - June 4 at night. more details later.

Also, due to there being an overwhelming amount of (little) things that need to be done...There will be NO Twin Peaks/Movie/Tuesday night gathering for the next few weeks. If you show up at our place, we may not even be there.
Natasha and Athena

*Athene sings (badly and off-key)*

George is visiting and I have cramps, tra la la la la.

I went out and found chocolate, tra la la la la la.

This weekend was full of ups and downs, la la la la.

No Twin Peaks this week due to wedding stuff, tra la la la.

And now I should get back to work, tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaaa.
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