May 3rd, 2005


yup, i'm a dork

ok, so I own a copy of Troy...hey, it came with Last Samuri so i couldn't pass it up. However, I have been too embarrased to watch said movie. So, when Aerith and the Frenchman put the movie on (to watch the fight scenes), I tried to stay in the kitchen to make dinner.

Of course, the draw of the movie pulled me out of the kitchen. I then proceeded to run upstairs, grab some of my greek art and myth books and the iliad in both greek and english and bring the downstairs. I then started going through the books looking for examples of things like the types of shields and statues and stuff in the movie (of which I was able to find). Of course I had to go on about how they got the fight in Book 3 wrong and then start reading from the myth book and then pour over the Iliad to see if it said anything about how the Trojans burnt the Greek ships.

Of course by this time dinner was ready and they had watched most of the pretty fight scenes.
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