June 27th, 2005

wear a mask, elhoffer


quick update before work:

had a pretty crazy week with a brief trip to boston on sunday, coming home monday to people in the house, saying goodbye to cimmy and mom on tuesday, and then finding out on wed that the Credit Union wants me to become full-time starting in July!! yup, you heard that one correctly!! *squeeeee*

The rest of the week was spent de-toxing and trying to clean up a bit.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner for kiten and doctorjekyll's wedding.

Saturday was the wedding. Even in the heat everything came together beautifully. Kiten and Dr J. were radient. Aerith said that I looked like a Greek Goddess with the dress and the way my hair was pulled up.

I'm still working on editing all the pictures from my wedding and now I have the ones from kiten's too. And i want to write up my wedding experience, I just haven't had a minute yet.

Also, Aerith and I are looking into registering a domain name and the like (we're currently thinking of dragonandrose.net). Any advise on whom to use would be really nice :)
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