June 29th, 2005

wedding kiss

Calling New Orleans Peeps

Hey y'all,

lordaerith and I are going to be down in New Orleans next week for a sort of honeymoon-type thing. We would love to see some of you New Orleans people.

msfrizz is having a BBQ to celebrate lordaerith's and my recent marriage at 2pm on Sunday the 3rd.

and lordaerith and I are planning a trip to Six Flags: New Orleans on Wed the 6th. Being Season Pass holders, we have a "get up to 4 people in for half off" coupon. So, if you want to go, let us know. We were thinking of trying to be there for opening (11am).
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wedding kiss

wedding (ha, i bet you thought you'd never seen that one again)

We'll, aerith and i were supposed to work on thank you cards tonight, but he's talking to his mother and so I took the time to finish editing the pictures that were on our camera from the wedding. Of course, i've run out of server space, but we're going to looking into getting our own domain and hosting when we get back from New Orleans.

In the meantime, the dorkest pictures from the wedding :)

We attack the gazebo!

yup, we're geeks. Geeks in love :)
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