July 5th, 2005

wedding kiss

In New Orleans

so, lordaerith and I are in New Orleans.

We got in late late saturday.

Sunday we woke up and there was a small bbq at my mom's house. Some of queencimmy's friends and some of mom's friends and athanata came by. It was nice. I grilled a bunch of chicken and some corn and then someone else did the hamburgers.

That night we went to a BLT (blacktie, lingerie, toga) party at aenelein's and ms. brown's apartments. it was a lot of fun. I looked damn cute. There were a lot of people there that i hadn't seen in ages, so it was cool to see everyone.

Yesterday Aerith, Cimmy, and I went to Elsha's place to hang for a bit. It's a really cute place. Then Aerith and I came home, picked up Mommy and the three of us went to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Was really fun. Angelina Jolie in leather.... Melisande anyone??? And there was a really funny tee-shirt in the movie, but I won't spoil that.

Today Aerith and I took mommy out to Commander's Palace for lunch. Such amazing food and service. Mom and I both had $0.25 martinis. I had the steak with asparagus, mom had the wild fish with turtle soup, and aerith had the gumbo and the crawfish and conagc. Everything was excellent. Asparagoose :)

Then I came home and crashed and Aerith and mom went out so they could get stuff to make ice cream. Aerith is now making ice cream and soon we're going to watch Amelie with mom.

And as it looks like TS Cindy is hitting sometime tonight/tomorrow, we're probably going to put off going to six flags for another day.
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