August 14th, 2005

matt barth

quick update

finally caught up on LJ (the cable modem wasn't working for a few days then Aerith and i were busy with that life thing). so, here's a quick update:

1) went to the doctor and the dentist. I have a floating 13th rib, like a cat, and I need to floss more.

2) six flags water park kicks ass

3) actually got some thank you notes sent

4) congrats to Rev Tom and Ionia Dreaming!!!

5) came into work one morning this week to Collapse )

6. Had a crazy busy weekend. Helped buy spacecrime out of some of their stock. Spent all the gift certificates that we got from the wedding (we figured tax free weekend was the best weekened to do this). Spent time putting away all our nifty stuff and my very amazing husband put together and installed some of the stuff we got at home depot. hurray for home improvements.

7. talking about my amazing husband, he's going to bed...i better go too ;)
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