September 9th, 2005

Serinity - Mal

Firefly Marathon

On September 24/25 lordaerith and I will be hosting a Firefly marathon to get ready for the release of Serenity on September 30. We will be starting each day at 1pm (please try to be a little early) and setting up 10-15 min breaks between each one. We will also have a 1 hour dinner break each day. If it's nice enough we may barbecue. If not, we'll probably order pizza or something.

Below is our proposed schedule, in case you can't make it for the full time or if you only want to see a few episodes.

Collapse )

We will be sending out more reminders as it gets closer.

Remember, we have comfy couches, two cats, and a 47" HD TV with an HD upscaling DVD player and a surround system. It's almost like a theater. We can also provide some crash space if you want to come from somewhere else and stay all weekend (just let us know ahead of time so we can prepare).

Btw, this is a really good site for a bit more info on each episode. It also has Chinese translations.

Right, off to watch Jaynestown on SciFi.
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Put yourself on my map. Google is way too much fun.

Or see how there was/is about 6-8ft of water in my mom's neighbourhood here. Zoom in around Tulane. Then find the area around S. Claibourne, Napleon, Fontainbleau, and Nashville. Click in that area for water depth.

Aerith and I are going to upstate NY this weekend to see my mom (who is staying with a friend).

I realized today that what I'm going through isn't like greaving for someone who's dead. It's like having somone you love go MIA. You hear rumors and you're crushed, and then you hear something else and you have hope again and then another crushing rumor. There's no way of knowing until your loved one is found (either dead or alive) and everyone keeps asking you how you're holding up, every time reminding you that your loved one may be out there, or may be gone. And it cuts. deep.

That's what it means to miss New Orleans.