September 19th, 2005

hands of blue

Firefly Marathon I cannot be watchin' more o' the New Orleans Saints (as they be loosing...the ball, the game, you be the chooser), I'll take this moment to remind ye that there be a Firefly Marathon at me and me man's house this saturday. And we best be see'n all ye scalliwags here.

More details here.

If ye be needing directions to me house, (arrr...another field goal for the blasted'm not watching the game cast from ESPN in another window...why would you ever think such a thing) and ye be on my friends list, my contact info is posted on my birthday. If ye not be and ye want to come, drop me a line and I'll get ye directions.

Also, if ye be from out of town and need a place to crash, let me know so I can provide a bed for ye.

sundart, do ye know when tickets for the fair show Serenity be goin' on sail?

(This post brought to you by Talk Like a Pirate Day)