January 6th, 2006



I don't remember all of my dream last night, but there was something about my toothbrush.

Then (later/in another dream), I was walking down the street with some friends and saw msbutterpecan crossing the street. She was wearing a black velvet shirt over her very large pregnant belly. I ran over to her and rubbed her belly (after asking, Queen of Wands taught me that). She said something about those in her "circle of love" (i think) never had to ask. So I rubbed her belly and gave her a kiss on the lips and ran back to my friends. When they asked me who she was I said, "Oh, that's MsBP. She's a sexy pregnant woman."

This morning when I got into the shower there was "I *heart* you" written on the wall because Crayola bathtub crayons are awesome and so is my husband!

Here comes Natasha to cuddle, but it's time to go to work, where I will probably spend another day eating, drinking, and breathing the thing we're launching on Monday.
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