January 14th, 2006

wear a mask, elhoffer

OMG! Can it be next weekend already? II

So, thursday Aerith and i drove up to artemis's place and fed her parrots and got her car. She had chinese food waiting for us when we got home. :) Poor thing was still sickly, but feeling somewhat better. The three of us watched Smallville and then she and i watched Beauty and the Geek. I am already in love with the museum critic with social anxiety.

Yesterday at work was just as insane as i expected it to be. Lots and lots of stuff to do and running around. was so stressed that i almost started crying when i couldn't find a piece of paper that i'd put in a secure location. i just printed it out again, but still. I think my boss is pretty impressed at everything i did this week. I hope so. I worked my ass off. hurray for the 3 day weekend!

after work came home and took a nap. then got up and picked up daobear at the bus station. the fog was really intense!

This morning i woke up with a really bad sore throat. some oatmeal and tea later and it doesn't feel quite so bad...but it still hurts a little bit. So much to do today, but i may just spend it being sick.

Tomorrow is this meat party thing. should be good. hopefully i'll be feeling better. btw, msbutterpecan, will you and yours be there? I have the stuff done for your little ones (well...i'm finishing it up today).

monday is a day off. the work week will probably be more insanity as we finish ironing everything out. hopefully it will be slightly less crazy and i'll be able to catch up on everything i'm behind on.

NO GATHERING ON TUESDAY as it is omnia_mutantur's birthday and she and wandelrust have other plans.