February 7th, 2006

gaz angry

burogracy sucks

Today lordaerith noticed that the registrations on our cars had run out at the end of last month. So I found the registration forms, went online at work to find out the times the DMV was open and that I could only pay by cash or check, cursed that I didn't have the check book, cheered that I work where there are ATMs, got out of work exactly on time (yelling at the printer to hurry up), got the $$ for the DMV and headed straight to the DMV. Got to the DMV and there was no wait, was called up to the window in almost no time at all. Then...the lady informed me that the stupid pieces of paper had to be signed by both me AND my husband. Got into the car, called the husband, drove home, got his signatures, and drove back to the DMV. Again there was no wait, in fact, this time I didn't even have to sit down, paid the things, got the registration things, put the new sticker on my license plate, and drove him. All of this was done in less than an hour.

Oh yeah, and George is visiting.

Now, time for food.
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