March 1st, 2006

matt barth

Ash Wednesday

Went out last night to Haven for Mardi Gras. Wore corset, black skirt, fangs, and one of my really *nice* pair of beads. Had a ton of fun. Danced more than I have in a really long time there. Hurray. Had 2 midori sours, and didn't really feel this bad? Turned a strand of pearls into lots of little bead puppies (which really seems to impress the Yankees...silly Yankees). Left around 1am, since my feet were hurting and since it was then midnight in New Orleans and so officially the start of Lent.

Had already scheduled to take today off from work. Am so glad that I did.

Being Lent, I have decided to give up not exercising.

Oh, there's the timer, time to switch the laundry.
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