March 15th, 2006


Ides of March

Happy Ides of March. Today everyone should be aware of their friends when they are in large public places!

And right after Pi day too!

Don't forget:
In March, July, October, May
The Ides fall on the 15th day.

(otherwise they're on the 13th)


So, kjpepper posted in her journal about Pandora. It's a site where you tell it what kind of music you like and it makes an internet radio station for you.

OMG! Way too awesome!!! I've decided that instead of making lots of different stations, I'm going to tell it all kinds of music that I like and see what it does. So far I've really liked most of the songs. And they sound so weird all together! hehehe. But as I listen to my entire iTunes library on random, i'm used to it. You too can listen to "Athene's Raido."