April 5th, 2006

pumpkin pot

More exciting things

So, over a month ago (while artemis42 was still living in Sunderland), I went up to her (old) place and when I got out of my car I found a cellphone in the snow on the ground. I picked it up and called the last called/call received number. I said that I had found the phone and could the guy I was talking to get in touch with the owner and let him know that the phone was in X place.

Karma is good sometimes.

Today I got a call from sylvanstargazer's phone. Upon picking it up it was some guy telling me that he found a phone and did I know who it was. I said it was Sylvan's phone (first name only because I am teh smart). He recognized her name and gave me a number to meet him at his business. I checked the number online and it checked out with the same business and so I e-mailed her to let her know where she could get her phone. I so win.

In more "I win" news: Uni of North Carolina wants to give me a Research Assistantship (which almost guarantees in-state tuition or tuition waver) and a Fellowship along with it. Of course I still want to go to UT Austin. So, I think I will e-mail my advisor at Austin with "UNC wants to give me money. What do you advise?" (worded better, of course)and see how hopeful her answer is.

Also, remember my credit card issue? I got a letter from them today. They reversed the charges and gave me back the promotional APR.

And soon there will be food and potluck :)

And tomorrow my work is sending me to dreamweaver class all morning!

And friday there will be drum & dance and breakfast club.