April 16th, 2006


lent is over...

...but I'm going to keep my "giving up not exercising."

Actually, that's been going really well. I was doing the 15 minutes OnDemand workout. I did it usually 2-3 times a week (there was one week where i was sick and didn't really do much of it). I liked it so much that I went to B&N (where I had a gift certificate) and bought Cardio Pilates on DVD. Ouch. There's a big difference between the 15 min version that Comcast has up and the full 42 min + workout on the DVD. I didn't even finish it the first time I tried it. But today I got all the way through it.

Now to calm my muscles in the shower.

Edit: Dear Goddess, I love that mist setting on the showerhead!!
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really good weekend

MMM.... Just had a really good weekend!

Friday night lordaerith and I headed into town to walk around and grab food and stuff. Ran into kiten and doctorjekyll and ended up going to Osaka with them. Even though the wait was long and there was a little bit of a language barrier between us and the waiter, the food was excellent, as always, and it was really really nice to see them. After dinner the 4 of us wandered around Northampton and really confused the guys who were gaming at Modern Myths by text messaging morlock from outside the store. Got to love those "I can c u" messages *grin*

Saturday Aerith let me sleep late (yay) while he did gummie ship stuff on Kingdom Hearts 2. After I got up i watched him play more of the game. OMG! I love this game. There are so many things that are way too cute. Also got in some good cuddle time with both of the cats. Ended up holding Boris on my lap like a baby while he nuzzled into my arm. Got in touch with muninwing and modernaphrodite in the evening and made more charoses while waiting for them to come over. Ended up picking up food from Bueno in Northampton with them (I swear, since we found out it's there, I believe we gotten food from there almost once a week). Came back home and watched some of the first season of The Muppet Show with them, which was wonderfully silly.

Today I got up and did my full Cardio Pilates DVD :) Then Aerith and I went searching for Cadburry Cream Eggs. Finally found some at CVS. I think the guy thought we were crazy when we brought over the whole basket to purchase (there were only 10 or so in there). But we love to stock up on them. Came home and alternated cleaning in our room and playing Kingdom Hearts. Aerith has gotten so far in the game. But I think there's still a lot more to go. Afterwards, we went for a walk down into the woods and fields behind our place (I think we're not supposed to go there though). I finally got to touch the Connecticut River. I felt very powerful, standing on the shore with the wind and the water and the beautiful sky. Dinner was left-overs from Passover on Thursday and Bueno. After dinner Aerith was reading and I ended up trying to look for places to live in Austin.

And now it's time to feed the monsters and go to bed.