April 20th, 2006

Not a straight bone in my body

I was right!

I went to the physiatrist (sp) the other day. He was very nice and confirmed a lot of things that I'd already figured out and gave me some good information.

First, he said that scoliosis can in fact get worse as you get older. He said that while it is a slower progression, it can happen. He recommends that I get x-rays every 5 years or so. He mentioned that pregnancy can really increase a curve. Something I wasn't sure about, but was curious.

He went on to say that not only is my spine curved, but also twisted slightly and because of this i'm actually shifted to the right (hence making my "curve and dent" even more pronounced).

He also mentioned that while a back brace (what I had) pretty much just keeps you from getting worse, often with surgery your curve can come back. The surgery just helps it be not as bad...maybe this is why some with old surgery have back pains.

He said that my back pains were in my Quadratus lumborum muscle. This is the muscle that runs from the bottom of the ribs to the top of the hips. The reason it hurts is that during the course of the day I compress and stretch it and thus it spasms. He wants me to get an X-ray (since mine were lost due to the post-Katrina flooding of New Orleans) and see a massage therapist who can work on that muscle (since it's really really deep and can best be massaged while one is lying on one's side - I tried to find a good picture of the position for this, but couldn't) and do exercises at home (but he didn't give me the exercises to do).

I'm glad I finally went.

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books and tv and teeth and stuff

Hurray! After reading it on and off (and mostly at lunch), I have finally finished Fagels translation of the Iliad. I really really liked it. I was able not only to follow the battle scenes, but even get involved in them. When Hector died I just couldn't stop crying. I was rooting for the Trojans the whole book....even though I knew they couldn't win. Maybe it's because I think most of the Greeks come across as assholes at one point or another. except big Ajax. I likes him. So now, omnia_mutantur gave me my first Jane Austin to read. I'm sure people at work will give me more strange looks.

Saw the pilot of Lost tonight. Holy fuck! I know bits about it from lunch room conversations, but wow! I want to see more, more, more!!!

Went to the dentist today. had two teeny tiny cavities sand + water blasted out. bleh. at least it wasn't drilling. my dentist is cool. she's a lefty, like me.

Got to sit outside this afternoon with Elektra. the post from earlier, written and posted from my lawn. I love wireless.

Now, time for bed.
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