June 19th, 2006

wedding kiss


This was written at 10:30 last night...

So, to celebrate our anniversary, my mother-in-law gave lordaerith and I two nights at Anchorage by the Sea in Ogunquit, Maine.

We drove up this afternoon. Took 2.5 hours or so to get here. The place is beautiful. Right on the water. We have this awesome room with a king sized bed, fireplace, and flat panel tv. The only problem is that I can't quite catch the wireless signal. It's probably better this way, though.

When we got here we walked into town (which is very cute), then on the walkway by the ocean a bit. Then we rested and went back out for dinner.

We walked down the ocean walkway to Perkins Cove and had dinner at MC Perkins Cove, which is an off-shoot of Arrows Restaurant. Dear lord, the food was excellent!

Then we walked back, turned on the fireplace and Blackmore's Night and drank meed and ate some of our wedding cake's top layer. It has been in our freezer for a year and was totally fine. Still really yummy and moist. It's chocolate with raspberry swirls and buttercream icing. So rich that neither one of us could finish our piece. I'm glad we saved it.


Now we're about to eat breakfast and from our table we can view the ocean. it's so nice.