July 11th, 2006

wedding kiss

quick update

Just a quick update...

Got back from Austin just fine. Am glad I got to meet new people at poly meet-up *waves to new LJ friends*. Hurray for knowing there are crazy people like me in Texas *G*. Put a deposit down on a place. This is good. Still waiting to hear for official approval, but it should be fine. Got to look around UT and department, so i know where i'll really be living for the next two years.

artemis42's party was fun. my cookies went over well, that makes me happy.

got to see the lovely starrfade, if only for a little bit.

Work is going well. And I saw a part-time job in Austin that i'm going to apply for.

Still having denial/OMG how can I be doing this to us when we have such a nice life here moments.

lordaerith and I are getting closer and closer to finishing working on getting the basic order of wedding pictures together. Hurray for spreadsheets.

Ok, time to watch new StrongBad e-mail.