July 13th, 2006


adventures in ortho-dentistry

So, last night I was hanging out with artemis42 while making home made carrot cake for my boss (it's his birthday today and he loves carrot cake). While biting down on a cracker, I all of a sudden felt something hard in my mouth. It turned out that one of the bondings that holds the little piece of wire to the back of my front teeth had broken off, leaving a sharp wire end and broken bonding bits. Of course I freak out and worry that all the orthodontics that I went through as a teenager are ruined and i'm going to have to spend all this money that I don't have to fix it.

Today I call my dentist (as my orthodontist is in New Orleans...or was, last I knew).

Me: Hi, my permanent retainer behind my bottom front teeth lost a bonding piece. Could you fit me in to just stick it back on.
Receptionist: Let me check. *puts me on hold*. Sorry, we can't do that. Here's a name of a local orthodontist.

Me: Hi orthodontist receptionist, here is my story.
Receptionist: Let me see if we can squeeze you in. Oh, no, we'd love to help, but we're all full. Here's a number for a different orthodontist.

Me: Hi different receptionist, here's my story.
Snooty receptionist: we don't do those, so we can't help you at all.

Me: Hi my dentist's office manager, here's my story. I called orthodontists and they couldn't help me and I'm worried about cutting my tongue on the wire.
Office Manager: We can get you in at 5. Let me just double check with your dentist. Yup, come in at 5. You'll be seeing the substitute dentist.
Me: That's fine. I just want this fixed. See you at 5.

I bet if I just said that my tooth hurt or i cut my tongue I wouldn't have had this problem.

I get to the dentists just before 5. I read 50 pages of my Tamora Pierce book and they finally call me in after 5:30. The dentist is really nice and she quickly puts bonding back on my tooth and lets me know that it may have shifted a little and that's why the bonding let go. Dentist receptionist doesn't charge me. I knew I liked these people for a reason.
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