July 26th, 2006

Breakfast LJ


Have seen two plays: the Glass Menagerie and Much Ado About Nothing. Both were lots of fun. I miss theatre so much!

Went to visit lordaerith's family over the weekend. His niece is so cute. This was the last time we'll see them before we move.

Have about 4 hours of personal time I have to figure out how to take before end of work. Am already taking a bunch of time off my last week (my last 2 days are half days).

Got about 6 boxes of books packed. Hurray!

Both or one of the cats are/is peeing on the carpet. Thisclose to killing them!! Renting carpet cleaner this weekend.

Less than three weeks until the move...aghh!

Got an e-mail, iSchool wants me to interview for a IT Lab TA position. YAY. Wanted me to interview this week or next...I hope they do phone interviews!

There's something funny about watching Project Runway and spinning yarn at the same time. Kind of pulls it all together.