August 12th, 2006

dark lili

Oh God Oh God Oh God

I'm freaking out!

There's just no way that it's all going to be done by Tuesday.

Things are half packed all over the place.

I just freaked out at Aerith.

I'm so scared. what the fuck am i doing to us?

The place isn't rented and our stuff hasn't officially sold yet (we got a dinning room table too).

And i so worried that we're going to end up extra broke and just financially fucked forever.

Ok, back to packing clothing. The goal is to get the bedroom done and then move on to the downstairs.
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You know...

you are a goth (at least partly) when while repacking your sock/nylon drawer you come across 5 pairs of fishnets (one white), 2 tights with spider webs on them and 75% of all other tights/thigh highs are some shade of black.