August 15th, 2006

pumpkin pot

last update before crashing

Boxes packed and closed: 72

Boxes half-packed and waiting for more stuff: 0

Boxes needed to be bought: 1 REALLY BIG one.

Items actually sold/rented: Bike, Table & Chairs (she had to come back for the leaves), Apartment rented (at a loss, but it's a possible rent-to-buy and there'll be someone in here!)

Items thrown out: Loveseat, nasty bed frame

Breakdowns: Too many to count.

Services canceled: Cable, internet, phone (call cells if you need us).

Our saviour: wabres! Thank you so much. We really really really couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for all your help with the packing.

Powernaps taken: 1 (which was totally rejuvenating)

Left to pack to go on truck: Pile of items on living room floor - a little bit from EVERY room (but lots of it is soft). Some stuff in drying rack in kitchen. Various and sundry pairs of shoes. Litter boxes. 4 lamps.

Left to pack to go in car: Papers, clothing, toiletries, other random crap we need/want to take with us on the journey.

Hours until movers come: 6.5-7.5

Things to do tomorrow other than load truck and car: Get cashier's check, drop by eclecTechs, drop off Salvation Army donations, return cable box and modem.

Attitude: Wiped out but positive.

This is it

Boxes packed: 77, plus a few others without labels, a trunk and a suitcase. I printed 90 address labels to stick on everything and used all but 4.

Rooms packed: Almost all.

The movers have come and gone. We got everything into boxes JUST in time.

lordaerith is out running errands and I'm packing up all the stuff we're taking with us in the car. I hope it all fits. We still have a bunch of stuff we have to throw out.

Hopefully we'll be on the road by 2pm, 3 at the very latest.

Now it is time to turn this thing off and pack it up.

Goody bye Northampton. It sure was fun!
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Voice Post: First post Heading to Texas

110K 0:38
“It's 5:10, according to the clock in the car, and we are just driving by the Holyoke Mall. Um, it took us a leeeetle bit longer to get everything into the car and all the traffic picked up than we were expecting. But, we're on our way. We figure we'll give a good 4-5 hours tonight. Boris has been great. Uh, Natasha was mewing for the first 10 minutes, but once we got on the highway, she quieted down, and as Jonathan said, she completely passed out. So, uh, on our way. To Texas.”

Transcribed by: bellebet
Coat of Arms

On the Road (part 1)

Time started: 5ish

Time finished: 10ish.

Miles driven so far: 261.0

Stops: 1 (for dinner)

Times got gas: 1 (just before we left)

Slow downs for bad traffic: 1

States traveled in: 4 (b/c it was determined that we didn't actually go through NJ)

Important line crossed: Massachusetts/New York border

Current Location: Wilkes Barre, PA (which is really funny for RCN peoples).

Poor Natasha threw up somewhere along the way (I think it was Springfield). Other than that, the cats seem to be doing okay.

Time to fall over.