August 25th, 2006


a large update

Let's see...what's been going on in my life...

Saturday and Sunday involved lots of running around to different stores (all of which are incredibly close) to buy items/food for the house. It also involved eating at the Marie Calender restaurant...fresh baked pie... and finding a place for some good sushi.

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Monday we got our own internet (so we could stop pirating the neighbours) and went by UT Austin so I could fill out some paperwork for my TAship (fun fun), met with my bosses (one of them is a gamer hehehehe), ate in the Campus Center, and wandered around a bit trying to find the tech director. Then Aerith's car was delivered and there was the aforementioned dryer saga.

Tuesday was the day that we were going to switch over our plates and licenses to Texas ones. Collapse )

On Tues in-between the car saga stuff (see cut above), we found a really yummy hamburger place called "Phil's Ice House". They let you put cucumbers on your burgers. This makes for one happy Athene!

On our way back towards home from there we found the local gaming store called...Dragon's Lair (does every area have one of these???).

On Wed I had my iSchool orientation. I found another Smithie (who just graduated) who was also a Classics weird. I want to take so many of the classes!!! My advisor is the Asst. Dean and she seems pretty cool. Also had a meeting of the TAs at the lab. The job looks pretty cool. :)

In the evening we finally got to see Pirates:Dead Man's Chest. I liked it. The coolest part was the theatre that we saw it at. It's called the Alamo Drafthouse (there are a number of locations), and it re-defines "dinner & a movie" because they took out every other row of seats and have long tables with menus instead. You write down what you want and servers bring it to you during previews and even during the movie. Near the end of the movie they do a last call and then bring you your check. It's really cool!!! I bet that all the servers get back problems bending down to serve food without disturbing the patron's view of the screen.

On Thurs. I got up extra early and registered for my classes. I got into 3 of the 4 that i wanted and am 4th on the waitlist for the class I really really really want. So I registered for another class, but I'm going to go to the class i'm waitlisted for and hopefully get into it *crosses fingers*.

We ran more errands on Thursday and then went to the austinpoly dinner. Got to see apryl_knight and meet other cool people. Lots of talk about Ren fairs :)

Today lordaerith and I went by a bunch of theatres in the area and he dropped his resume off on them.

This evening we went to the Dragon's Lair where we ran into... Chris of spacecrime! It was good to see him :) Also got to meet boss/new gm's wife and their housemate and made friends with some other gamers :) Bought more stuff than we should have, but at 20% was hard to resist.

Got home and got my work schedule. I'll be working two evenings a week and Saturday days...but that's okay. If I get into the class I want, I'll have Wed totally off. If not, I'll have to be at work for 8am for meeting and then I'll have the rest of the day off.

Tomorrow morning our stuff will arrive! Hurray!! Collapse )

And now, reading the Draconomicon while Aerith goes through Star Munchkin and then sleep.