September 4th, 2006



Well, that was interesting.

I just got home a little while ago, from working on a group project. We met at 2. This project was to classify all of the "informational" objects in our house and then meet, decide on broad and sub-categories and then write 750-1000 words on what we did, why, and any issues that came up. The assignment sheet said this would take 4-6 hours (oh, it's also a credit/non-credit assignment).

So first there was the 30 page reading. Then there was the figuring out everything that was "informational" in the house, how I'd group it and how much of it I had. Which of course resulted in me getting very upset at the state of not-unpackness that the house is in. Then we met at 2. From 2-6 we worked on our classification system. This involved lots of debate and reorganization and re-estimations. Then we went to TGI Fridays for dinner because we were brain dead. After dinner, we went to Whole Foods (where there wasn't internet, but there was more table space than B&N) where we wrote most of the paper. During this time, K's computer (where the list was) shut off and then right before writing the conclusion, my computer shut off...of course neither of us had brought our cords with us. So we finished by hand and then went home. We still need to re-format our list and put our paper together.

This is for a C/NC project. I'm glad we didn't meet on Wed. (class is on thurs).

In other news, work schedules got re-arranged again. I no longer have to work 9.5 hours on Tuesdays. Hurray!

Me, bed, now. Class at noon and then work until 10pm.