September 6th, 2006


New (for me) things

For my Survey of Digitization class, I had to read an article published in Wired in 2004 called, "The Long Tail". Holy crap. I mean, I had sort of guessed about some of these things before...but to have it all laid out like that REALLY blew my mind. (yeah, i know it's an old article and some of you have probably already read it, but I hadn't. so there).

And then, following the trail of the article, I ended up on the writer's blog, which ended me at You Tube, watching this really nifty music video by OK GO, that EVERYONE must watch NOWWWWW.

Oh, and Austin is AWESOME because the Alamo Draft House is playing the Muppet Movie outside for free on Saturday as a sing-along with Paul Williams (the guy who WROTE the Rainbow Connection). We are so there!

Right, I have to catch an 8am bus, so bed for me.