October 8th, 2006


random update

so, life in Austin's pretty good so far. lordaerith and I are definitely making friends around here, which is cool.

School has hit that OMG I have wayy too much work to do ahhhhh state. Kind of figured it would happen soon. I have a mid-term on Thursday, a paper due friday, another paper due the tuesday after that and a project due that thursday. wheeee. But I'm getting it done. So, that's good.

Boris has an annoying habit of sitting on the papers that I need to use to write things. cjovalle insists that he's trying to "help" me with my schoolwork. I think he's just being an annoying fat pain in the butt. but he's too cute to be annoyed with for long.

We've gotten into a D&D game with cjovalle, qyandri, bubbles, ranger, and gruff (they don't have LJs, as far as I know). I'm playing an Elven rouge/sorcerer who's a brass dragon's familar. Hehehe. It's been a lot of fun so far. I want to hang out with these people in other-than-game contexts.

Also, I'm probably going to be playing in the UT Vamp Larp. We'll see how that turns out...

And last weekend we met up with some Austin Browncoat at the Spider House (a very cool coffee shop) and watched Serenity. I cried again (before it happened...).

This weekend, I took a break from writing my paper on Intellectual Property issues as related to three items and their digitization possibility to go see Little Miss Sunshine at the Alamo. It was a really funny movie! Late late last night we caught the roast of Pam Anderson on Comedy Central. They weren't cutting it at all! They didn't even bleep fuck. They did bleep one thing, that that was "Diet *****." I was a pun on Diet Coke, but if it was cunt, they didn't bleep that word later in the show, so i have no idea. still it shows how the evolution of cursing and what is/isn't acceptable in this day and age. Personally, I think that cursing is loosing the power/shock that it once had. I'm not really sure what that says about our society, but I it makes me feel that maybe we're more open. It definitely shows the evolution of a language.

Oh, and i found out that "Carry on my wayward son" is probably on Guitar Hero 2. I'm excited.

Time to read more about qualitative studies as they relate to LIS research and order chinese food b/c I've been craving it since Friday.