October 12th, 2006

dark lili

Brain dead

So brain dead. Had a mid-term for Organizing and Providing Access to Info class, which is one of the most disorganized classes I've ever had. Was not so much fun, but I got through it. Bleh. Brain dead now.

Last night was also not so much in the fun department. After getting home early from study group, I decided to make dinner. Dinner invovled chicken cooking in crushed tomatoes...which is very soupy and will boil. Flipped chicken, chicken came crashing down, made a splashed and burned me on the arm. Ran it under water, but it still blistered just a little bit. Put ice wrapped in paper towels on it.

Just after this happens I get a call from lordaerith saying that he stopped to get the mail and now the car won't start. Run out (with ice on arm), to deal with him. Help him figure out that it's electrical (the automatic locking wasn't working). Make him call AAA. Run back home because stove is on.

Aerith get car jumped by AAA and brings it to Toyota people. He just misses the bus that comes by there. I call a cab for him. Cab doesn't show. He catches the next bus (an hour later). My cell phone almost dies so lots of calling is done while it's on the charger. Not fun. Also, am trying to study for test. Call cjovalle and qyandri and tell them not to come over due to everything.

Aerith gets home around 8:30. We watch the second half of Lost while eating (dinner, at least, came out well). Then I watch Project Runway. OMG, Laura, WTF!

Got to bed. Get up, Aerith has co-worker pick him up, so this is good. Walk to bus stop. Bus is v. late and Mopac is v. busy. Get to class JUST in time. Stop and go traffic combined with anti-bacterial medicine (did I mention I have a bacterial infection...it's treatable, but not fun), makes me nausious. So, right before test I am stressed about test and getting to class on time, nausious, burnt, and worried about car/cost of car.

Test=not fun.

Now, work.

Later reception for grad students. There will be food and drinks, but no drinking for me due to medicine. Then there will be Whole Foods and making breakfast for tomorrow and finishing paper due tomororow. Edit: Ha, finished paper and e-mailed it to prof!

Even later there will be reading and 8-10 page paper for Tuesday and project for Thursday. And possibly (but not likely) Vamp Larp.

Saturday there will be Ren Faire. So says I.