October 18th, 2006


being productive


was up late two nights in a row to get a paper done. but it was done and turned in and i'm happy with it.

yesterday while i worked in the lab, i helped 2 classmates figure out our assignment 4 (three and 4 are due tomorrow). Then I finished parts 1 & 2 of 4, printed out 3 (which i'd already done) and almost fell over with how tired I was.

I actually called queencimmy to talk while i was on the way home to make sure that i didn't fall asleep on the bus. I was litterally falling over while walking. made it home just fine and fell into bed

got up late today and did part 3 of ex. 4. hurray. then i readskimmed some of the readings for tomorrow.

now i have to head into school to go to an info thing. i still have some readings for tomorrow, but at this point...as the mad russian said once, part of grad school is learning what you need to read, what you can skim, and what you can skip. also have reading for friday. so busy.

but Lost and Project Runway tonight!
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