October 29th, 2006

pumpkin pot

Old games

I just found my new favorite site! Macintosh Garden has all these old Mac games that are "abandonware" (the publishers don't support/sell them anymore). And I got to blog about it for class. How cool is that??

Of course, I didn't have Classic OS installed on Elektra...so I tried to do all this funky emulator stuff. Then I went and looked at her install disks and guess what, OS 9 was on them. So, an hour+ of frustration and one quick install later and I'm playing Crystal Quest. My mouse was set too high, so I kept dying. So then I started playing Oregon Trail. Sorry lordaerith, you died at the first river...I forgot that fording isn't always the best idea. Oops. :)

Going to play more now. Just a little bit.