December 1st, 2006

gaz angry

Grrrr Argh!!!

It was so cold yesterday that Aerith and I decided NOT to wear our garb to the Madrigal dinner that we went to. We did bring our really pretty pewter mugs that were a wedding present from Pirate Wench. The madrigal was lots of fun. I realized that I had already heard all of the dirty songs that they were going around and singing to the individual tables.

Maybe next year we can get a big group of people together to go and all be in garb.

The trial of my iMovie project for SoD:
So, in order to work on my project over Thanksgiving/at home I copied my iMovie file from my assigned firewire drive to my laptop. It transfered just fine (almost 15GB). I worked on it on my laptop and then when I was done making chapters (Tuesday night, at work) I attached my firewire drive and made my access.dv file for the video. It took 47min! Then I transfered all the files - iPhoto Library, iMovie file, Text file of issues, excel file of time worked on it, and word file of chapter names (so I could check my spelling) - back onto my firewire drive (which took 15 min or so). I double & tripple checked to make sure that all the files were on my firewire drive and then I trashed the files from my computer.

Today, when I got to class, all the files EXCEPT for the iMovie file were on my firewire drive. WTF!!! The only thing I can think of is that when I trashed the files from my computer, the firewire was still connected and maybe it trashed the iMovie file from both places at once (iMovie is weird). What I should have done was disconnect the firewire drive and connect it into another computer to really really make sure that the files were on the drive and then trashed them from my comp...still, it doesn't make any sense to me.

Of course, with the missing file, I was totally freaking out/thinking I was screwed. However, since I had the .dv file, I was able to import that back into iMovie...unfortunatly, all of the chapter markers that I had placed in it were gone (it took me 2.5 hours to place them). However, since I had my original notes of about what times I wanted to place the markers and my word file of what I wanted to call each chapter, it only took me 45min to recreate the markers.

OMG! It just finished making the DVD image file. That process only took about 3.5 much for going home early today.