December 6th, 2006


Almost done

Almost done!

I promised myself that I could have a bath when I finished my term paper. Well, I just got out of my bath. And pizza has been ordered! Hurray!!!

During the bath I read an article on the Semantic Web. The concept sounds absolutely fascinating, and yet scary in that in the future technology will control our lives sort of way.

Just have to edit the paper, lordaerith promised to help me, and do some reading for my last classes and I am DONE!
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The list (part 4)

Almost done...let's look at the list one more time:
  • Organization and Providing Access to Information

    • Write 2000 word term paper on web crawlers, due Dec. 7 or 8 - Final count: 2545

      • Write section on the problems that web pages encounter (oh, I can probably get 300 words alone out of robots.txt)
      • write the conclusion
      • proofread/edit paper

    • Read the rest of Classification Made Simple for Thursday (only about 30 pages left)
    • Do any other readings (that aren't too long)
    • Go to last class

  • Intro to Research
  • Survey of Digitization

    • Blog about an online collection
    • Do newly assigned readings for the last class
    • Finish digitization video project, due Dec. 8
    • Go to last class

  • Fall over, go boom - Fell asleep on the couch almost as soon as i got home.
  • Go to RHPS at the Alamo