February 7th, 2007


Good weekend

Had a really good weekend (and then a busy beginning of the week...which is why I'm only getting a chance to write about it now).

On Friday night I decided to go to the UU Pagan's Imbolc ritual. I'm really glad I did. Although it was not very highly attended, it was very nice. Short and sweet without any silly pretense that these things can sometimes have. I got introduced to the idea of Storytelling Paganism, which is really nifty.

On Saturday I had work (which was boring) and then had a whole bunch of people over to my house to play Guitar Hero I & II, in an attempt to cheer up crabes (even though not everyone knew that was the reason). Including lordaerith and me, there were 11 people (crabes, cjovalle & qyandri, W & K, RJ, apryl_knight, oracle_tx, & T ) and 2 cats at my house. Hurray for lots of people. It makes my little Libra heart happy. After we were Guitar Hero'd out, we did the only obvious thing to do: hook Elektra up to the tv and show each other videos on YouTube and other places. There were lots of great things shown, but the best was College Saga, a 41min RL acting out of a Final Fantasy type game. I didn't think we'd watch the whole thing, but we were all laughing so hard that all of a sudden they were fighting the final form of the boss. I think people left around 1:30am or so.

Sunday we got up late and then I did homework and kept track of the Superbowl scores over the internet. Hurray for Payton Manning!!

Yesterday my Digital Libraries class got to see some of the Gone with the Wind collection at the HRC. They have so much stuff there, from pre-production paintings and drawings to actor call sheets to movie stills to post-production criticisms. It was really amazing. Unfortunately, the dresses (including the curtain dress) are on loan to Florida. (ok, so that wasn't part of the weekend, but it was still cool). One of these days I will watch the movie!

Tickle as an archane magic

Today lordaerith and I had the following conversation via AIM

At 10am:
lordaerith: *tickle*
athene: imune
lordaerith: Yeah, right. I know better.
lordaerith: Do I have to specify spots?
athene: i cast protection against tickle this morning. it has a 1 hour/level duration. i'm 5th level.
athene: so there
lordaerith: Ah, but you've only got until noon, at the latest. And seeing as that's a third level spell, you can only cast it once today.
athene: i cast it at 9
lordaerith: So 2, then. I'll just have to get you when you get home.
athene: fine
athene: unless i sleep through class.
athene: in which case i can cast it again
lordaerith: Nope, class isn't 8 hours long.
athene: really? it feels like it

At 11am
lordaerith: *improved tickle* (<-- bypasses magical defence)
athene: nope.
lordaerith: Yup. You need improved tickle immunity, a 5th level spell that has a duration of 10min/lv to block this one.
lordaerith: But I can only use it once a day for now, so you're safe. But it still got through your defence.
athene: fine
athene: EEP

Then tonight we had the following conversation in person:
lordaerith: Hey, your protection against tickle has run out.
*he tickles me for a bit.*

*I get up, go into the other room, and get something out of my drawer*

lordaerith: What's that?
athene: *shows him the jade bracelet i put on* It's the bracelet of protection against improved tickle. (Which would have been a lot cooler if I could have said it all with a straight face).

We eventually decided that the bracelet of protection against improved tickle could only be used once a day and has a duration of two hours. Well, it was either that or giving it only a certain number of charges.