April 12th, 2007

Shit (D20)

Another Thursday's To-Do List

It's Thursday and therefore time for my weekly to-do list.
  • Electronic and Digital Records
    • Read for Monday (1, 2, 3, 4)
    • Find article to present
    • Work on BIG project - Due Monday April 30
      • Granular look at files ("sites" "documents" and random places)
      • Make drawing of file structure
      • Check out the file structure of Howard II (and make changes as needed)
      • Figure out if things are missing/not expected and make a note of it
      • Think about files I don't control - webbased-email, credit cards, tax records, etc
      • Start writing paper - Due Monday April 30 - started it!

  • Digital Libraries
    • Read for Tuesday (1, 2, 3, 4)
    • Digital Library Project
      • Work on Wiki more
        • Whole site wire frame
        • Whole site look
        • BBQ Sequence wire frame
        • BBQ Sequence site look (maybe)
    • Short Paper - Due Tuesday May 1
      • Read papers already printed
      • Look for more papers
      • Come up with outline for paper

  • Understanding and Serving Users
    • Read for Wednesday (if there are readings assigned)
    • IRB paper - Due Wed. April 18
      • Make edits to paper based on yesterday's discussion
      • Re-write assigned sections
    • Ofter to help crabes with interface look
    • Figure out logistics of usability testing of interface

  • Work
    • Convert paper tutorial to website tutorial
      • Edit based on peer comments
    • Teach one-on-one photoshop for web site design (Saturday @ 12:30)
    • Continue to learn about digital video, especially flash players

  • Other stuff
    • Go to Poly Whole foods - Didn't go. Ended up napping for 2 hours.
    • Clean kitchen from uber-yummy dinner lordaerith made last night
    • Call UHS for appt.
    • Register for classes for the Fall on Monday
    • Pray that Summer Independent Study gets approved - it did, and I'm all registered for it and stuff
I can do it! Yes I can (I hope)

Things that make me happy

First of all, Boris had a weigh in the other day. He is now at 16lbs, 12 oz!!! He's definitely looking thinner.

Second, I'm learning how to play with OmniGraffle. It really is fun to use once you get the hang of it. I used it to make a drawing of the top level (and top sub-level) folders of my laptop for my Electronic Records class.

I found out that XJournal downloads all my posts as a plist which I can open with OmniOutliner or with Text Edit (even though the XML can be a bit tricky to read). Yay for not having to download each month individually (even though the XML is easier to read).

lordaerith and I have discovered Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) on G4. Oh the insanity! Here is the run of the second person to ever beat the game (in 18 seasons).

iACPL "I'm a Librarian and I'm an IT Professional" videos on YouTube.