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Athene Numphe
28 June 2007 @ 09:15 pm
This morning I woke up and was very dizzy. Took me a while to realize that I had woken up with low blood-sugar, which is NOT normal for me. Drank some juice, ate some cereal, and still didn't feel 100% there. At more throughout the day. Eventually felt 100% after egg & cheese on a bagel and a bit later some miso soup. Back to not feeling 100%. Have eaten dinner. Not sure if it's lack of sleep or onset of moon-time or combination or something else. Will watch it carefully. Not happy.

Also, i realized today that I've been reading LOTS of fantasy novels this summer. Devouring them would probably be the right word. Read: Neverwhere, Beauty's Release, His Dark Materials trilogy (Golden Compass, Subtle Knife, Amber Spyglass), parts of Kushiel's Scion over Aerith's shoulder, and Stardust (which I just finished tonight). I currently have Kushiel's Justice on request through InterLibrary Loan and am seriously considering picking up a series or two by Tamora Pierce or possibly Lynn Flywelling while I wait for it. Also, there is Harry Potter 7 in under a month, which I plan on purchasing from a local bookstore.

p.s. I we did the photography session for my QTVR project on Tuesday. It went really well. I'm so excited about this project.
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