September 10th, 2007

gaz angry

crazy morning bus story

So this morning I have class at 9am. I end up not making it out the door in time to catch the 8:09 bus. "Well, that's okay", I think, "there's another one at 8:24 which should get me to campus on time." (When there's no traffic it only takes 20 min to get to campus). I get to the bus stop and there are a LOT of people waiting there. It turns out that the 8:09 bus drove by without stopping because it was already full. The 8:24 bus slows down, but the bus driver shakes her head and tells us that there is no more room (there wasn't) and she let them know that we're waiting there (by this time there are about 15 people at the bus stop). So a few of us who have 9am classes/work start times start to freak out. This woman starts talking about who wants to get a taxi. Then this guy says that his car is across the road and if people will pitch in a dollar or two he'll drive down to campus. So the taxi lady, the cell phone girl, and I agree to this and we go to his car and he drives down to campus. The conversation in the car was interesting. It was a little strained at first, but then we started talking about semester abroad/going abroad and that was cool. We actually made it down to campus before 9am. But of course the guy parked pretty far away from my building, so I called crabes to let him know that I was running a bit late, incase the prof took roll first thing. I was only a few minutes late to class, so much better than if I had waited for the next bus (at 8:39).
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