September 17th, 2007



had a good weekend.

lordaerith picked me up friday after work and we headed home to take a nap. That night we went out to Elysium for A Tribute to Depeche Mode night. All Depeche Mode all night. It was fabulous. Got there early (10-ish) and found out that almost everyone there was either from my group of friends or from the poly group :). Since there weren't that many people there at first, I got decent chunks of the dance floor to myself. Yay. Got to dance with a little flogger - dancing with props is lots of fun. We left around 1am, when it was starting to get more crowed and smokey and my feet were really starting to hurt.

On saturday day I finally got to my math homework. Hurray. I loves the math! That night we went out to dinner with eliset and her crew for Indian. It was only okay (our waiter reminded us of a used car salesman), but the company was wonderful. Invited them back to our place bouncy bouncy for Guitar Hero and a walk to Amy's Ice Cream. Yay for cool people and a fun night.

On sunday I read lots and lots and lots for my classes. So much reading. And I worked more on my now in php online portfolio.