October 14th, 2007



Just got back from New Orleans a few hours ago. Was there for my 10-year high school un-reunion. What's an un-reunion? well, basically the organizers of the reunion were not organized and after telling us in August that it would be Oct. 13, they didn't have a place and found out that only about 6% of us could make it. So, they sent out an email on Sept. 28 saying it was canceled and would be rescheduled. Some of us had already bought tickets to come into town (one from Hawaii), so we decided to get together anyway. I sent out an Evite to the whole class letting them know that the un-reunion was happening and that they should come.

We met at Cafe Du Monde around 8, and then did a bit of bar hopping down lower Decatur, ending up at MoJos b/c they have yummy food. There were 11 people total throughout the night, which was about 5% of the class. I think we had a blast. Even though I wasn't really friend with a lot of those people during high school, it was fun to hang out with them and find out what's going on in their lives. It's also nice to find out that not everyone is out getting their millionth PhD or making amazing discoveries in exotic places (ok, the girl from Hawaii gets to swim with the dolphins!!), but that we all have pretty normal, mostly successful lives and are content with them. Of course, we also decided that we are going to have an 11 year reunion and then only have reunions on anniversaries of our graduation that are prime numbers. Yup, even 10 years later there's a bit (or more) of that nerd in all of us.

On a personal note, I was happy that I was so easily able to talk with everyone. In high school I was so much of a social outcast among people who weren't in Sci-Fi. It reflects well on my own personal growth that I was able to enter into comfortable conversation with everyone who was there, even the girl who snubbed me in 7th grade and made me feel uncomfortable during all of high school. Oh, and everyone thanked me for being the organizer behind the un-reunion. :)

Also while in New Orleans I picked up some basics for my Halloween costume, got to hang out with my mom and sis, and got to have mommy dinner and mommy pie.

Now to do homework and spend some time with lordaerith, because he was in Palo Alto, CA all last week and I missed him.