November 11th, 2007

Shit (D20)


Today as I was parrallel parking my car on a sidestreet by campus, I saw an accident happen. I only saw the actual moment of impact (because I was backing up and therefore was looking backwards), but it was still scary. A truck was making a left turn from MLK onto the street I was parking on and suddenly a car driving the other way ran into the truck's back tire. The car's front end was all messed up, but everyone looked okay. A cop pulled up almost immediatly. If I had seen just a few seconds before, I would have stayed around as a witness. I did hear screaching tires right before I looked up, so it could have been possible that the truck was gunning it to make the turn, but I also got the feeling that the car was going faster than she should have been.

Over all, it was pretty freaky to look up and see boom crash.
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