November 27th, 2007


Listy list

Update of the listy
  • Math
    • Computing 3
  • Databases
    • Read articles for class.
    • Assignment 7 (Video Game DB) with crabes and PS - due Dec. 5 at start of class
      • Help create input forms for data (using PHP)
      • Fix the wrong type of database and oops, we have no linked tables problem. Even troubleshoot and fix the issues
      • Create a logo and a favicon of it
      • Communicate with group about which video games, designers, companies, etc to enter into database and split up work
      • Add more entries to database
      • Help create queries and reports of queries
      • Help revise current documentation to reflect any changes we made to project
      • Figure out how to turn everything in to professor
  • Management
    • Read stuff on Communication
    • E-Portfolio - due Dec 7 by 11:30pm
      • Put up ideal job cover letter
      • Write up management competencies thing
        1. Look cute
        2. ?
        3. Global Domination
      • Write Personal Leadership Agenda
      • Create fake memo to boss
      • Have someone check over entire portfolio for good grammar, well written sentences, etc.
      • Post URL to BB
    • Group Planning Document for Instructional Space at the New Building - Due Dec. 12 by 11:30pm
      • Write up section on which group members did/are doing what (can be edited from earlier post)
      • Help grant team with their budget
      • Participate in final editing process
      • Put final paper together
      • Create table of contents using nifty Word tricks and cover page
      • Post final paper (all components, including appendices and non-Word documents).
      • Celebrate with group!
  • Work
    • Finish up recording Mail Merge video tutorial - still need to talk with Q about this
    • Work on iMovie class with AA
    • Teach iMovie class with AA
    • Get through end of semester insanity
  • Run Dishwasher
  • Do dishes
  • Tackle some of the folding of clean laundry
  • Make 2 important phone calls
  • Deal with the carpet people
  • Deal with the wall people - i think they're all least the wall is repainted.
  • Go to Karaoke tonight - didn't happen, too tired.
  • Contact PT about next session
  • Spend at least some time with friends this weekend
  • Fall over, go boom
And the fun part? That's still not everything I have to do by the end of the semester...

And of course it would go a lot faster if I stopped watching the D&D PHB PSAs.

Made of awesome

For the group database project that's due in a week, we already made all these PHP forms and started adding some data and then oops, we realize that we didn't actually make any Foreign Key (FK) to Primary Key (PK) links between any of our 22 tables.

So I did some quick internet research and found out that we had created MyISAM tables when we needed InnoDB tables to link FKs. Then I figured out how to change the tables and how to use the SQL box in PHPmyAdmin to make changes to multiple tables at once. After that I figured out how to use PHPmyAdmin GUI interface to create FK links (it was actually really really easy).

But the image_media table kept giving me a "mysql error 1452" error when I tried to link gameID to the game table, even though the link from characterID to the character table worked just fine. I finally figured out that since we had already been playing with PHP forms, a game with the PK 1 was accidentally deleted, but because we hadn't linked the tables, the record in image_media that said it came from game FK 1 was still there. I changed the record in image_media to the right FK and it worked fine. I even changed the PK in the games table and it automatically updated it in the image_media table.

Yes, I am awesome!