March 15th, 2008


Pi Day Pie Potluck

Today we had the First (Annual?) King Family (Minor) Pi Day Pie Potluck.

We had 3 different dinner pies (meat pie, cottage pie, and chicken pot pie) and two dessert pies (apple pie and chocolate meringue pie) as well as cookies with π on them in icing, pi-napple juice, pi-napple and pi-na colata jelly beans in a pi plate (cause crabes also has the pi plate).

I'm glad my apple pie went over so well. I was a little worried because I forgot to "dot the filling with small pieces of butter", but that didn't seem to matter because the pie was really really good. I used the "How to Cook Everything" pie crust recipe and the apple filling recipe from "More from Magnolia".

Everyone hung out and talked and had a good time (I think). Then after a bunch of people left, Bouncy, Blonde, iskanderia, noeticist, lordaerith, and I watched Top Secret, which most of them had never seen. Such a fun movie!

And, after midnight, we ritualistically stabbed noeticist with a foam weapon. So, on that note, it's bed time for me. HAPPY IDES OF MARCH EVERYONE!