March 20th, 2008

dark lili

hot time

This morning when I went to go pack up my laptop I found that she was hot to the touch, which was odd since I definitely turned her off last night before going to bed.And there was a lovely slightly burnt smell. I immediately turned the laptop fan below her on. Then I tried to turn her on and she turned on okay. She kept going to sleep, but I was able to wake her up enough to get to the desktop. Both fans inside the computer were whirring away. I checked iStat Pro and all of the temps were above 100° F. Some, like the CPU temps were above 150°. I turned off Elektra and unplugged everything from her, leaving the laptop fans going (they have their own power source). I probably should have pulled out the battery too, but by now I was running late for work.

The only thing that was different about how I left her last night was that I left the USB cable from the laptop cooler plugged into her. I recently got an external harddrive and Elektra doesn't have enough battery power to run it through the USB, so I've been using the USB hub that's on the back of the laptop cooler. But nothing was plugged into the laptop cooler. Elektra's power cord is on a surge protector...but the laptop cooler's isn't. hmmm...

She seemed to be cooling down as I left, so I hope everything this okay. *quietly freaking out a little bit*

It looks like a lot of people are having a tough week. *HUGS* to everyone.